Bedroom Space


I love my bedroom here in Philly. It’s my favorite place to just come home and unwind into.  It’s also so beautiful in the morning with the sunlight pouring through my blinds and making my all white room seem inviting and happy! I love my desk and how it fits perfectly into the nook of my window, where I spend a lot of time writing these posts. And yes, I know I’ve lived here in Philly since June, but It’s taken just about that much time to hang a few pictures over my bed. I want to make sure I love what I’m decorating with so patience is key! Any of the word prints above my bed are made by yours truly, I’d love to continue making these so let me know if you’d be interested in one! Coming soon, a small tour of my living room, my second most favorite place to relax! Style on Until Tomorrow!

P.S. Shoutout to the Cheer Up Girls for the adorable postcard they sent me that will continue to sit on my desk and motivate me! Check these girls out and their mission to send you postcards randomly full of cheer! Love that!


Explore Manayunk


Get out and keep busy has been my motto this past week. Lately, I’ve had the realization that I need to get out more and explore where I live and embrace in my surroundings. Co-workers ask me “so what are you doing after work tonight?” I actually listened to my answer “nothing, probably going home and going to bed early” and thought wow, that sounds pretty pathetic. I have my whole life to sleep, but I’m young and I need to keep going! Especially since I live in Philadelphia now. So since then, I’ve made sure that I don’t  go straight home after work, I planned something every night after work since then. Thursday I went to a Valentines/Galentines night hosted by Millay Vintage (instagram @millayvintage) and Madewell in Center City. It was so cute, champagne, snacks and I briefly talked with the owner about her shop! Instantly decided, okay, I must go visit her shop this weekend! So my friend Micki and I drove to Manayunk Saturday to make a day of it! SADLY, her shop was closed! But Micki and I had a blast going to the thrift shops in town and eating delicious Mexican food! If you live in the area and haven’t been yet, I highly recommend checking out Main St. in Manayunk! Style On Until Tomorrow!


Shop My Closet

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 12.14.25 AM.png

So excited to annouce the latest feature on Style & Spices!! The Shop My Closet feature through! I’m posting clothes from my closet that I want to have a NEW and loving home!! I want to sell my clothes for a reasonable price because they have been gently worn but also, I’m one that looks for affordability when I shop secondhand clothing. So it’s whats fair and I’m so excited to share with you guys! I’ve only got a few things up now but plan to get some pants and shoes up over the weekend! The site is up and running and hope to see you guys make some purchase ASAP!! If and when you purchase, share what you got on Instagram and #styleandspices ! Style on Until Tomorrow!

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 12.14.47 AM.png

Weekend Recap


Really trying to shake these Monday blues after having such a terrific weekend, mainly because of this little guy, Maverick, featured in this picture! *eek* So cute! Happy Monday you guys! I’m super excited for this week (for reasons I’ll hopefully be posting about later on)! But this weekend was fun, I got to dog-sit this adorable corgi Maverick, one of my co-workers Kylie asked me and I was like, uh hello, I’m so obsessed with corgis it’s not even if I can watch him, I will always watch him, if you need it or not! He’s so sweet. Saturday we spent all day walking around the city, met my friend Micki and her little pug, Claude, for coffee and a chance of the pups to meet! My heart melted the dogs were so cute playing together. Then Sunday night we had a small Super Bowl party at Micki and Jordan’s house with lots of yummy appetizers! I made cranberry-limeade margaritas, wonton mini tacos, salted chocolate puppy chow and bacon wrapped avocados and asparagus; yes I know, I cooked ALL of that! I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend! Style On Until Tomorrow!


Jacket Lululemon | Leggings Under Armour | Boots Doc Martens | Beanie Urban Outfitters | Scarf H&M



A few of my favorite things: coffee, confidence that comes with wearing my CoverGirl lipstick, and a good book. That good book at the moment is Mindy Kalings Why Not Me. So good a must read! On top of my new years resolution to read a book a month, I want to continue working on projects for my portfolio, as well as making time for this blog again. If anyone were to ask me the hardest part about running a blog, I would say the entire thing. But it’s so satisfying and rewarding when I get feedback from friends and family about how happy they are that I’m posting to Style and Spices again! So I’ve worked out a schedule to post more than I have in the past year and I would tell you the number of post I’ve come up with but I don’t want you to hold me to them, haha! So welcome back readers and welcome back Style and Spices! Style On Until Tomorrow!


Blazer Talbots (thrifted) | Top CottonOn | Jeans New York & Co (thrifted) | Boots Primark

DIY Recipe Book


Happy be-lated everything! This time of year I just sit here and wonder how did we just go from Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years?! Wasn’t it September like a week ago? As I keep myself busy with work, work and work and sleep on the weekends, blog posts have been on my mind I just haven’t had the time to execute them! So know that I’m always *thinking* of ideas, hence *thinking*.

One of my favorite DIY’s I did over the holidays was create this recipe book! Such a fun cute idea that I’ve made as gifts for the past few years for people, its handmade and people love that! It’s super simple! First go find a vintage book and spoon or fork. I’ve been lucky with finding both of these things for under $5 total! I usually look for books with pretty typography and tell a cute story. Then lay the book open onto burlap and cut the burlap so that you have extra on all sides to fold down and hot glue. After you’ve hot glued then thread the top and bottom part of the spoon (or fork) into the burlap, so that it holds tight on the binding. Then cut different variations of paper sizes so that the person receiving the gift can write their recipes on and washi tape them into the book! Tie it all together with some cute string and wa-la! You made an adorable gift that friends and family will love!

Style On Until Tomorrow!



Happy almost Thanksgiving everyone! Can you believe that next week is December?! Absolutely insane! But I love the holidays so I’m not complaining. This past weekend my friends and I had our monthly dinner gathering or “friendsgiving” and it was so much fun! So full of love, wine, laughs and puppy love from Claude! (Isn’t he the cutest pug ever!) This month we held the dinner at our friends Micki and Jordan’s house because they have this AMAZING exposed brick in their house that I envy! So I grabbed some UO props, made place cards (super easy by the way) and menus to show off all the amazing food everyone cooked! If you have a group of friends that likes get togethers I highly recommend doing a monthly dinner like we’ve been doing, theres so much build up and planning and anticipation but its so much fun especially when the outcome is adorable! Would love to hear what your guys’ Thanksgiving plans are! I’ll be in NYC for Thursday and Friday for the Macy’s Day Parade and some Black Friday shopping! Expect lots of pictures from that!

Style On Until Tomorrow!